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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


How to File a Complaint Against the MTA

Outlined are steps for filing a complaint against the MTA, or "Metro".
Whomever needs to file a complaint against the MTA for whatever wacko behavior or circumstances encountered, look no further, simply follow these steps in order to report the incident; quote:

When you complain, give as much details as possible. This betters your case. And you should report everything you see, as complaints are a public record.

Here's what you should provide when you complain:

  1. Badge number (the number on the driver's shirt sleeve): This is not required if you do not board the bus.

  2. Bus number: This is always required. This is the four-digit number of the coach (five for contract lines and three for rail lines), not the line it was on.

  3. Line number: This is always required as well. If explanation is still needed, this is the big number on the green or orange screen above the windshield that tells what street the bus works.

  4. Time of incident: Always required.

  5. Place of incident: What bus stop did you see the incident, and what direction was the bus traveling?

  6. Division number: This is optional and almost never used by most riders, but greatly speeds up reporting if it is available. The division is the garage the bus operates out of. This is either found in the corner of the windshield near the door, and Metro has plastered the numbers also above the rearmost passenger window and on the back either near the bus number or the center left. The divisions are GC-1, GC-2, SGV-3, SB-5, WSC-6/10, WSC-7, SFV-8, SGV-9, SFV-15 and SB-18. Division 6 is a part-time garage in Venice (soon to be Culver City) and is administered by Division 10.

The more information you give Metro, the better it can respond to it. And, whenever you see something wrong, do not hesitate to report it.

Information originally, and generously provided by commenter Wad in a comments section earlier on this blog.

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Today March 4, 2008, I entered Redline 720 bus #9288 at noon at LaBrea Ave. and Wilshire Blvd. heading west. The bus driver told me ten times in a row "you can't swing around the bus from the driver side." I said "okay." This male brown haired Caucasian was irrational and extremely emotional and insane. This bus driver called me an "idiot" ten times in front of all the other passengers. He used profanity saying loudly several times "I've been taking a lot of shit today;" he said that two to three times. The bus driver said "I was having a good day." The bus driver should never say how terrible his day is going ever, that's very unprofessional. I'm psychologically challenged too, he saw my handicapped bus pass that has its March pass stamp. The bus driver kept arguing with me and naturally I reacted with rational answers. He had the bad attitude, he was irrational, he was probably hungover. Please drug test him. The bus driver said "you're lucky I didn't hit you" [physically with his fist or bus, I do not know]. The law says that I can be in the street as a bike rider. I did nothing illegal and there were ten people ahead of me boarding the bus while I put my bike on the bus and entered gracefully. Then the bus driver started arguing because he was living in the past tense about something else. This bus driver doesn't like his job. I think this driver may have passed his bus driving test but doesn't apply the rules to his actual job. He threatened to call the Sheriff. I told the bus driver I'd happily take him to court for harrassing me repeatedly, for everybody is a suspect. This bus driver can't handle his own problems, he takes his problems to work. I made a confirmation at Fairfax Ave. that I was going to get my bike. The bus driver mimicked me. I had to teach him that all bus drivers request a confirmation from the biker that he or she is going to remove the bike from the rack, so this emotional wreck of a driver wouldn't forget in the midst of his insanity and mistreatment of me, a psychologically challenged person, me, a person, a victim of an assault, a situation that never leaves you, and I refuse to have this ignorant driver insult my UC Berkeley taught and innate intelligence. He has to be fired and I want to request a court appearance with this bus driver ASAP, before this bus driver unnecessarily harrasses any other passengers. I have lawyer and judges apt to apprehend this lousy bus driver on bus #9288 today on Mar. 4, 2008, a Redline 720 bus heading west on Wilshire from La Brea Ave. at noon time. The bus driver mimicked me and called me "an idiot" over and over, that's a violation of my rights. This bus driver needs a college education, a church that teaches compassion, and a math class that teaches how to rationalize. This bus driver totally went insane and absolutely presented "unnecessary talk with a passenger." I expect financial repayment, and I will sue this individual to the maximum extent of the law. Sincerely, Patrick O'Brien
tell the hole story passengers never do i have never just started yelling at a passenger and iam a 99% sure your not telling it all stop egging the driver they are adults to you cant talk to them any way you please you made it go there
I love this site for information and for sharing so cummulative complaints can maybe be pulled together about a specific problem with more than 1 person behind it.

MTA #720 going East on 6/23/08 Monday at 9:54am...driver is stopped at red light and is not looking at all in rear view mirror as an elderly lady is Running up to bus instead of waiting in hot sun for another 10 -15 min. He is still stopped at red light not noticing her until she bangs on door, which he then relucantly opens. She asked him if he did not see her running up to catch bus ? He does not answer at all, so she asked again, again no response. Bus # 9306, Latino middle aged male driver, frown on forehead, maybe not feeling good or preoccupied, maybe needs a few days off instead of working maybe?
complaint also made to MTA website.

Everyone should take the time to express their reactions to bad or good experiences, BOTH, so MTA will have a flood of feedback and then cannot say "we dont know" or not care either.
Anyone who has found this site probably already does so, and those who just passively let rude, neglectful, disrespectful, distressful things 'just happen' deserve more of that for their inertia. I think.
Where do we file the complaints? Was no word on where we go to do this.
The Number 8 on Melrose consistently flies past my stop leaving me standing there questioning human nature. So i'd like to file a complaint so others don't find themselves waiting an extra hour because of incompetent drivers.
I assume THIS is the forum so ill leave mine here:

Bus Line #8 - Melrose to West Hollywood, at van Ness driver keeps sailing by not stopping (he clearly doesn't seem to notice people waiting or thinks there is no stop). Bus had 2 people on so not full.


Thank you.
This morning, wednesday, August 27, 2008, I got on the 750 rapid heading east on Ventura and Winnetka and told the driver I needed to get a day pass. Every other time I have purchased a day pass, the drivers have told me to directly give the $5 bill to them, so I handed it to the driver. He rudely said "Do you even know what you like like right now holding that bill" and I tried to explain to him about how other drivers didn't want me putting it into the regular slot. He just kept talking down to me and I finally just asked him do I put it in the slot, and he just replied "what do you think?" and I just tried to put my bill in and he just went on about how it was a "genius design" and complianed about how I was holding everyone up, despite the fact that he took his sweet time by degrading me and every other passenger on board. Conicidentally enoughe, he was my driver on my trip home. On the way, we suddenly stopped and he began to hand out papers about an "accident" I got off the bus, because it was taking so long, turned out he smashed a woman's arm into the automatic doors, how surprising.
was waiting at olive and 8th for the 96 to Sherman oaks, as I needed to get off at buena vista and alameda. I purposely let the 96 Burbank station pass.

we get on the 96 Sherman oaks, get to around San fernando and olive and I hear a passenger ask a
question and I hear the driver say that metrolink is his last stop. go up and ask him what the deal is and he says it's too hot and unsafe and was told to stop at metrolink.

I know getting mad won't help and it wasn't his decision, but I have to be somewhere on time, don't have the money for another bus, was given no announcement and would have been even in worse trouble if I wouldn't have overheard the fellow passenger, given no alternative or voucher.

I know no one sees this and am just venting, but this is thouroughly frusturating and unprofessional.

posted as I stepped off the bus with no options yet.

I know, it would be funny if it weren't for the fact that such drivers are seemingly becoming more and more synonymous with the experience of riding the Los Angeles Metro buses. In my case, a bus driver refused to honor my college/vocational pass, despite the fact that I've successfully used this form of a pass for many years now, with literally no problems, as recently as yesterday, and days before I needed to renew it. It makes you wonder if these particular drivers are trying to scam unsuspecting riders, and have found a way to pocket any excess cash that they receive from overcharging customers.

This driver's method of argument involved stonewalling me and saying that I "had an attitude" when I chose not to just submit, and instead offered a differing opinion, explaining to them how their opinion was in stark contrast to the concrete facts and rules honored by probably hundreds of much more knowledgeable and professional bus drivers that I have encountered in the past, including trainees, who are really the only drivers who should get the benefit of the doubt in cases like this. Maybe it was because I've always been told I look way younger than my age, and the driver thought that I was a kid that they could boss around and intimidate. The sad fact was that, in the end, I was left with little recourse, and forced to pay a zone charge that was explicitly covered by my pass. I needed to get to work, and while I wanted to defend my rights as an individual, I didn't want to impose on other customers, and stall fellow riders who also wanted to get to their destinations on time.

I won't be the first person to say that there are many professional Metro bus drivers, that are truly a credit to their uniform. But I won't be the first either to say that there are a significant amount of terrible drivers, both in regards to performance and behavior, who seem to believe that their customers owe them a living (and apparently, extra cash). I can also understand that every day, bus drivers deal with people that are truly trying to cause trouble and cheat them out of revenue, but unfortunately, this seems to reinforce a belief held by many of them that preemptively criminalizes all customers the second they set foot inside the bus.

Many people, while they shouldn't have to, can tolerate unjustified verbal abuse and rudeness at the hands of employees, whether they are behind a cash-register, or behind the wheel of a bus, but attempting to unlawfully overcharge customers is unacceptable. A bus driver's seemingly disproportionate amount of power over whether or not people can get to work on time does not give them the right to extort money from customers, who pay not just in the form of their fare, but in the form of their taxes as well.

Many people from all walks of life ride the Metro for different reasons nowadays. Some for the convenience, some in an effort to reduce pollution in a city that is in dire need of cleaner air, some because they can read or engage in some other activity without worrying about driving. But I find it especially appalling that in many cases, the customers that these Metro bus drivers are shaking down are the poor, who have absolutely no other options for transportation, or do not speak English particularly well, and are taken advantage of as such.

Whether this problem is the result of a bureaucracy that is reluctant to engage in any form of quality control or improvement of hiring processes, a result of a waning sense of customers' rights, or just sheer bad luck on my part, running into every single rude bus driver on Line 444, I will never know. All I know is that these drivers exist, and that the MTA should really think about dealing with these people in a proper manner.
603 Busline going from Grand Avenue downtown to Glendale Galleria. There are two bus stops in front of my building, one directly in front going to Glendale and across the street going to Grand Avenue, downtown and neither of them have a bench to sit on. The funny thing about this is, the people in my building are all disabled and yet no bench to sit on while waiting for buses that either are never on time or go by you after waiting for a long period of time. The usual riders on this bus are primarily mexicans who take up the senior or handicap seats and will not give them up willingly unless it is to one of their own people and if you are white or black, even with a cane you can stand especially if you are a man. Let a woman with a baby or elderly get on and everyone is willing to give up a seat to her if she is their people. The school kids are the worst taking these sits as well as women who shop and put all the bags on the seats and not give them up for the handicap. The bus drivers do not care and pretend they an unaware or disinterested. The problem with the bus stop on the side that goes to Grand Avenue is that there is a palm tree growing up on the small sidewalk where the bus stops so you can not stand where the door opens because the tree is overgrown and is in place instead of moving the bus stop either further up or before the tree or just take the tree out will help. I have missed more doctor's appointments taking this bus that I prefer to walk a mile to the 200 bus on Alvarado which is always empty when I get on and have very little problem with that bus at all but being disable is a hardship to have to walk that distance for I have weak legs but who cares, I am white, male and do not speak spanish and yes I think an American not that it makes any difference for most of the drivers on these routes are Mexicans or spanish speaking. The other thing I hate about this bus is that I feel I am in Mexico because mexican women can not just see or here another mexican woman without talking so loud to them in spanish the entire trip, it is disgusting to always here. Why can't they just sit and be quiet and be respectful of others who just do not want to hear the quaking all the time
Early to 8:00 a.m. in Alvarado and Temple, the Bus number 7429 of line 200 did not want to raise to me, although it in time gets to raise the bus; this because I touch traffic light to him in red to the bus
I watch and asintio head that and prefirio to move of the site and to do that it did not see me. senti that was razismo or etc.
I was behind in following bus and calculating the time of his return and before this return was crossed to me of, when I saw that come to me the bus,wait for the bus, #7429, it takes it and it watches its shoulder was #25619.
I believe that these subjects do not become aware of strees that put the people and the time that makes us lose.
I and lost works and received warnings in my works thanks to them. He is not the unique one are many of them, do not have humanity,
They are iresponsables citizen
they are peoples what low this country to "Bestias Paradise"
Before contracting
a conductor they need to do an examination to him of morality and maturity and that has Family mainly because if it does not have children; its life does not have valor.porque because single it works for his EGO.
this case #7429 driver #25619
was today October 15 2009
Yes if the truth be known, in some moments I can reveal that I jibe consent to with you, but you may be inasmuch as other options.
to the article there is even now a suspect as you did in the go over like a lead balloon a fall in love with issue of this solicitation utilities 2008 7.0.8001 ?
I noticed the catch-phrase you procure not used. Or you use the dreary methods of inspiriting of the resource. I suffer with a week and do necheg
from a operator its routine for some operators to avoid doing their work on a daily bases and will do anything to brake metro rules it has been done by majority of operators from metro of Los Angeles for many years management is awear,they dont care its a system that is corrupted staring fro management to sample from management oparatos have turn in money and los items to the division supervisor and it gets lost in their posetion,suspects ....yes 100%
Bus #8395 or #8397, traveling down Saticoy at to the corner of Saticoty St. and Reseda Blvd.....dumb ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!decided to cut me off at a corner when i've been waiting there for over 30 seconds. He then procedes to honk his lame ass horn and call me out on it.

Stupid fucking MTA assholes! they need to emoploy people that know the rules here in the states and NOT INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
my name is art silva, my compleint is yesterday i was
waiting on the bus for 3 and a half hours in sylmar from 11.30 and bus never showed up until 4.15pm. pelease pay attention to your customers that live in san fernando valley.
this is for bus #6413 for the 120/121 bus, and the route is from aviation station to imperial to the whittwood town center, he didn't have a badge #...he was a causation male, probably in his 50's or so, we were waiting for the bus at the whittwood town center at 5:30/5:40 pm on dec 12, 2010 and he didnt come till around 6:10pm, he then took a 20 min break and still wasnt done until the other 120/121 bus came along. when we finally got on the bus he then waited about 5 mins and also took the wrong route.
I wanted to know why do the 7th and hope red line train all ways never have enough trains to take every one . I been waiting for two and a half hurs waiting on the red line. and this is enough I have bad knees and trying to find other ways to get to were I have to go and taking the 14 is worse can some one fix this problem thank you
Line 335 bus # 5007
Monday Feb 14, 2011

Bus was due to leave the Washington/Fairfax hub at 4:39. Didn't even pull out of the parking until 4:43. Line is frequently late/early and there seems to be only one third to one quarter as many 35/335 busses as any other that leave that station. More often than not there are three line 37's to every 35/335, and usually pull out in pairs, much of the time, not picking up a single passenger, while there is never less than ten waiting on the 35/335. I ride this line daily.
This is regarding Bus Line #176, Rosmead to El Monte, CA. My daughter had to wait almost 1 hour for a bus to pick her up.. It was dark by the time she got home: DANGEROUS, OK!! She told me there were lots of people waiting also..This bus needs to run at least every half hour instead! It was very cold, while she was standing there a very long time!! Please look into this MTA!! Thanks
It's April 14, 2011, Thursday morning.
I boarded the bus number 267 (7528) headed towards El Monte which was driven by an unfamiliar driver who was a black woman. I usually say good morning to which I did not receive a response. That's fine, she may have not heard me.
But what upset me was that after I pulled the string to indicate I was getting off the next stop and stood up to get ready for the exit door, she didn't stop. So I respectfully said, "There's a bus stop here to which AGAIN she didn't respond and continued driving. Once more I said in a very civil but louder voice so she can hear me, "Excuse me but there's a stop there." Nothing!!!! She stopped at the next stop without offering any reply nor apology. If she made a mistake, she could have at least offered an explanation like some RESPECTFUL drivers do. Even the other passengers were just shaking their heads in disgust for her non-response. I hope this reaches the right people. I was dropped off at 9:14 am at Del Mar and Hill.
There is a old white veteran type driving the 710 from Western/Wilshire at night. I stood aside the front door to ask if the route had changed, as he pulled up at the first stop on Wilshire instead of the normal southbound on S Western. He barked "get aboard" like I am some dog. Ironic because I was merely wondering if the 710 route was changing like many others, as I use it bimonthly. I asked him if the route had changed permanently, and he barked "has now."

As one of the few white people riding the 710 I am offended that this husk of a personality is presenting an image to the public. It is not OK that he hates everyone equally. In fact he seems to hate white people who aren't veterans. He should be in a back office away from the public. Moreover he seems too old and embittered to be driving a bus. He strikes me more as the type who will plow into a pile of cars and pedestrians rather that retiring peacefully.
Bus # 5722 route 110 going towards la brea east. I was waitong for the bus and a young lady african american was looking for change as the bus approched, bus arrive at gage and paicific at 5:28pm as i stood behind the african america. Girl wearing a uei uniform, the bus driver let her board the bus without having her pay for the faire. The bus driver too was also indeed african american other fellow pasangers, white, chinese and mexican riders had to pay. The african americans didnt. Please stop this racist driver
Today I caught the train at 5:41 p.m. from 7th & Metro to North Hollywood. After a few stops, Officer Jimenez and her associate boarded the train. She looked around, silently for at least a minute. She then approached the only black male on our half of the metro train car (I couldn't see who was on the other side) and asked him if he had a train pass. She said "Do you have a train pass?" He said "No." Her partner asked him where he was headed. When he said "North Hollywood," her partner said "We can wait until then." Several stops later, a group of young, diverse men entered the train. Clearly some of them knew each other. She asked one, not the one closest to her, but the only black male in the group, if he had a train pass. He said "Yeah." She said "Wait for me when you get off." At North Hollywood, when I asked her why she asked the only black males on our side of the cart, and only them, for train passes, she asked me for mine. She was very rude and clearly trying to retaliate against me for reporting my observations. Perhaps she was unconscious of her racial selection, but that kind of practice should not be allowed.
Bus # 62 going to downtown LA
Bus Driver Badge # 34856
Bus # 5477

3:14 pm on Telegraph and Citadel bus stop, I boarded the bus while I was talking on the phone. I managed to take my first step on the edge of the entrance while waiting for the person in front of me to move. Suddenly, I got caught in between the closing doors which came as a surprise. Quickly, I moved forward and still felt my clothes squeezed. "Excuse me," I told the driver, "you squished me." Instead of an appropriate apology, he remarked, "You were not paying attention, you were on the phone." What!!!??? I have always boarded buses while talking on the phone and drivers always closed the door when no one is there anymore or says something like, "I'm closing the door now." He further continued, "I'm not even going to say anything more." Or to that effect. I went, "I'm just saying, you have to be careful, man." He went whistling. The nerve!!!!
What is all about? I dont see an answer from the mta administration. They just delete unetics arguments.
Wensday apr, 25 8:54 pm the bus number 120 from aviation bound wilmington rosa park station does not stop in western and imperial. I had to wait until the 9:46 bus. What the hell is going on, dont call it oetmeal of this bullchit i need an answer.
She was old black lady between 40 yeras old or 50. She just stop, leave passagera from back door ans she never open the front door i was with my wife and two hungry kids ans sleeping i need an answer for God sake..
I have had an ongoing issue with the bus driver on Line 152, His number is 16157. arriving at Roscoe and Desoto going west on Roscoe at 8:31 A.M. This man had the nerve to stop the bus and call the police on me and my eight year old because we were twenty cents short of $6.50 that was required for a pass and my child's ticket. My child was crying and upset. This was March 30, 8:27 on Lurline at Roscoe going west, We got off the bus and we were late for school. There is something wrong with this guy, He is SO BITTER and I feel dangerous. This man is so mean that children and mothers that go to my child's school actually are afraid of him. Today after numerous other plain unethical and juvenile behaviors, Driver 16517 picked us up Roscoe (going west) at Desoto going west at 8:37 late as usual. i asked him how much a tap card was, He answered and I quote ("you know how much a tap card is Im not an idiot") Are you kidding? Do you condone this behavior? THEn> He (16517) told me i had to throw my cup of ice water away and that the bus was not moving until I do. That was interesting that the gentleman three rows down was sipping on his coffee? I said "look brother, (very kindly) Its water and its safe to go i need it for my asthma", He answered in the most hateful racial inapropriate way saying and I quote, "I am not your brother white boy" I could not believe this. I just sat down, so frustrated,as we continued for one block to Canoga blvd, I threw the cup away, After that he proceeded to call the police and stop the bus OVER a QUARTER FILLED Styrofoam CUP OF ICE WATER? My son went hysterical because he thought the police were going to arrest him AGAIN..! and we had to leave the bus, He has been late because of this man before, but these racial slur's and petty antagonizing is unlawful, if not certainly intolerable by the L.A. Metro Company. 16157 stopped the bus and stayed (at Canoga waiting for the police) This is (color of authority) He there for a few minutes, This guy has emotional problems he should not be in a job atmosphere that requires him to interact with people, Some one is going to get hurt, I personally am offended, But other people may react differently to this mans ignorant, abusive and UNLAWFUL behavior,
Whenever I want to take the bus home from school before 5 pm, I have to take the 761, 750, and 161. The 761 is either early or late, never on time. Today it was early and didn't stop and wait even though I signaled to the driver that I needed to cross the road. Then I had to wait 20 minutes for the next one, which was then also late. That bus was #9410. Then I had to wait for the 750, which was 7 minutes late. That bus was #8075. Now I'm missing my connection and have to wait an hour in the midday heat on the street corner. This isn't the first time this has happened to me. I definitely won't be buying a metro pass next month.
Hi I don't like to do this but route 66 weather its to LA or Montebello they have the habit of just flying by some stops and Later on the route they start picking up people. I don't see why they have to do this specially if the bus is empty. Have been waiting here for an hour. I have my little girl that I have to go pick up. But of course its none of their business if I'm on time or not.
On 9/20/12 3:47 pm badge 14385 bus 8385 silverline going south toward Artesia ctr. I ask the bus driver was he going to the artesia ctr because some lines stop on 7th street. He rudely said yes are you going there I started to explain why I ask & again he rudely cut me off & said just go. His tone changed when I ask his badge #
bus driver 8386 silver line very nice funny too wish all your drivers was like him. thanks metro 4 hiring him.
You need to bring back lines 42 and 740 on martin luther king jr blvd. I waited an hour to get on a bus that was still full. 4 busses passed me by...twice two 40 busses came together. Now you have people cramming into one bus line. You have one bus line handling the job that used to be taken care of by three lines. This was an extremely stupid change.
Bus line 62 on telegraph and Arizona , had me standing next to five freeway waiting for 45 minutes, as i finally see it arriving with more then enough room for more passengers yet just keeps on going with no hesitation to stop ! I am beyond annoyed !!!!!!
Hi mta good job I'm a stroke person with all right side with weakness on Dec 13 round 4:25 bus no 603 this driver very rude his sign no service bus 3123 a latin driver stop at 7th and park view stop three or four feet fro curb look that me gave me the finger better remove this driver or I will I almost fall trying to reach the curb. C.mathews 323 7072784
I was on the 232 bus heading towards the lax center. The bus number is 11006 . I got on the bus at about 4:50 on tuesday February 5th, 2013, Which was late. I tapped my tap card and sat Down. I ended up changing my route, so I walked up to the bus driver and she yelled at me for standing in front of the yellow line. I asked her if I could get a transfer. She started talking about how I couldn't because that wouldn't be fair to the people at the bus stop. It was nobody at the bus stop. So I asked again and she told me with an attitude "if you want a transfer, you have to pay $1.85." I told her I tapped my card and she said that doesn't count . She wouldn't give me a transfer unless I paid the full amount. I was very mad .
I would like to be able to give the 4 digit number on the 212 northbound line, however the bus never fucking shows up. Ever.
My grandmother uses a cane to walk. I waved to the bus driver to let her know she's just 15 feet away. The bus driver just looked at me, shut the door, and drove away. Leaving us stranded at the corner of Ventura Boulevard & Petit in Encino, at approximately 1:20pm. the description of the bus driver is a Hispanic or olive colored skin, with black hair and brown eyes, weighing in at over 300 pounds. I think the bus # is 400, 420, 600 or 620.
On 4/12/2013 at 9:31am on bus route 111 bus # 8458 at the rest stop on La Brea and Keyshia street the driver was rude, disrespect, andpersonal to everyone on the bus. Once he came to the rest stop instead of politely asking us to exit the bus he said to everyone "FOR EVERYONE WHO ISN'T DEAF AND ILLITERATE THIS IS THE LAST STOP. I WAS OUTRAGED"!! His behaviors was unexcetabl and he needs to be terminated immediately!!! I can be reached at Thank You!
This morning My daughter n I got off florence blvd to transfer to the vermont bus 204/ 9:34a.m We went to board on the 204 headed north. My 2 year old daughter was caught by a door almost hitting her as she stepped up.. The bus driver yelled out with attitude stated " you had all this time to get on bus n u now decide to?" I replied "yes" and proceeded to get on. n she sassed back with an ugly remark."thats why she almost got hit" nasty lady. Keep in mind my daughter is 2....i got off at vernon and waited for the 754..not cool.
DO YOUBEAT YOUR EMPLOYEES BEFORE THEY GO TO WORK....MOST ARE RUDE. DRIVERS....ive met one driver. Who had a great attitude..... .I'm putting my bike on the rack and the bus driver honk the horn tell me how to secure it...... to get my attention .......scared the living daylights out of me don't honk horns while passenger are standing to board scared us....
I realky dislike MTA.....CANT WAIT TO GET MY CAR BACK....
The stress of not having a car is to go out every day and deal with this drivers....horrible service.
The stress of not having a car is to go out every day and deal with this drivers....horrible service.
A driver on the line 38 threating to call the sherrifs on me because I didnt have 50 cent # even thou I put in a dollar

These BUSES in the Ventura area headding to Northriddge are a pain in the butt.....every single day stupid bus line 239 runs every fuckn 45 to 50 minutes...god damm it ....its ridiculous how much time i have to wait to catch a fuckn bus.... oh but the line 239 stops running at 8pm ....mother fuckers fix this damm issue is 5:10 pm Friday and I've been here at the damm bus stop since fuckn 4:12pm ....its a fuck hour and the damm bus is not here yet....

11/7/13 6:33 pm Line 40 Heading#9570 South Bound on Crenshaw Blvd Female Bus Driver, Very Rude. Was busy talk with a passenger, passed Hydepark & Crenshaw Stop after it was request. Several Passengers were trying to get off, she was told very politely she pass the stop, her attitude was nasty, at the end, she stated she 'MAKES A LOT OF MONEY' she fails to realize that MONEY is not everything, Love,Kindness & Happiness is more important because God first Loved us, He GIVES IT & HE TAKES IT AWAY! she have no idea why people are on the bus.
On February 3rd, 2014. The 770 bus line, bus #7040, a black woman bus driver at 8:40 on the corner of walnut grove and garvey blvd. Refused to let me on the bus because she didn't pull over to the stop all the way. She was there at the red light, complain with me while I told her off. I dont know why they hire these type of people (not being racists here becuse this I have seen other people do this) that wont do something there being paid to do.
Tonight I was on the blue line train and just like a seen out of Jaws this lady with the worlds most foulest stink get on the train and I swear I wanted to jump out of the train while it was still moving please for the love of humanity some one give her some soap! NOW SERIOUSLY THERE SHOULD BE SOME THING ABOUT THIS WOMEN It's NOT MY FIRST TIME COMING ACROSS HER AND I BELIEVE THERE SHOULD BE SOMETHING DONE ABOUT THIS PROBLEM! PEOPLE WHO PAY THERE FAIR SHOULD NOT BE SUBJECT TO THIS NEGLIGENCE On PART OF THE M.T.A.! This is worse then being Rob because at least that can be called a crime but this is just nasty!
Why are people seriously posting their complaints here? Unfortunately I can't see dates but this is the official form to sent to MTA itself, not just leave at a blog.
Bus num 8606 #206 line at 2:10. Bus driver was very rude. I am a veteran of the u.s.m.c. And as i was putting my money in to Get an all day pass the driver yells at me and says the military must don't retain how to put money in a machine. I immediately felt disrespected. And felt my education was questioned. He then told me he couldn't leave until i was done but someone two minutes later walked up and paid. One of his friends for sure. He assured me that know one will be able to write him up or anything. Thus is the third time that this has happened. I am willing to take it further. Have witnesses also
This busdriver just called me a stupid mutherfucker
the bus 83 didnt stop at 2:20 am this is the second time. always on mondays at 2:20 am. now i have to wait another hour. its a bald guy with bear. on eagle rock and colorado...
79174 is the bus driver's number. This incident happened on bus route 156 headed out of North Hollywood station south towards Lankershim. Time was 10:06pm on July 25, 2014. The bus driver saw me approaching the bus and took off right when I was at the door. The bus driver could have perfectly seen me because in the dash is a monitor that shows the right side of the bus. He was reckless for almost running me over in a bus station. He then teased by occasionally stopping. I had to run to the next stop which was close and then he gave not so much as an apology or a reason as to why he ignored me. If I was an elderly woman would he have just taken off? I'm a citizen of this community and fellow metro rider. I think his behavior does not exemplify the integrity of your company or the customer service standard you should be upholding. Please see that he is reprehended. A simple apology would have sufficed but he is just rude.
Bus No. 8364
Badge No. 18704
Line No. 910
Time of incident : 8:30am
Location : Artesia Transit Center

This bus driver has be constantly rude to passengers and shuts the bus door in front of passenger's faces when they are trying to get on the bus. At the time if the incident, he shut the door and almost clipped my hand when I tried to board the bus. Ive seen this behavior many times boarding the driver's bus. Furthermore, his need to be on time causes reckless driving and endangers passengers.

BUS LINE 94 #Bagde# 8607 Date of the incident 4/3/15 @ 11:45 .....Two day's Before this incident I was riding The bus W/ My Lil Kid's @ Orange Line from Vannuys to Metro red line Holding each Other the all time & Nobody Offer A Sit for us & My son Was falling sleep it was like around 7:30 pm ...So the day I was lil Upset & The same time the day I was ridding the bus line #94 The bus driver was very Rude To me He was Spanish lil bold W/ Glasses Telling Me That My Daughter can go Standind I was holding her Behind while I was Waiting 2 Get To our stop that's the reason she was standing we were getting Ready to get to our stop so When I approach To the front I ask him If He was Mad because Before The accident He was very offensive & Rude with two other passenger's So I told Him If He was Mad & I told him Very polite That He can't talk to me that way in front of all passenger in the was and He Reply To me...."If I don't know how to take of My kids " ..."Why in the world I have them" .... ...Ohhhhh Why He said something like without Know me ...This took Me way to far To make a complain & Even more & This Bus Driver He need's To be fired...............
I am saying metro is so much don't care about there customers bc they keep shutting down all kinds of stations there is no reason for this to happen I will not be buying metro ez no more bc of them doing this I hope metro happy they are losing customers I don't blame people for not paying for the train
I am saying metro is so much don't care about there customers bc they keep shutting down all kinds of stations there is no reason for this to happen I will not be buying metro ez no more bc of them doing this I hope metro happy they are losing customers I don't blame people for not paying for the train
Bus plate 1089101 line 251 5:52pm santa fe driver driving in 2 lanes at a 3 lane merger way before merger 10/30/15, causing a back up.
African American, Driver #1069 (glanced to catch his #)
Bus #5919
770 Rapid Bus going westbound
3:07pm at Santa Anita and Garvey

This driver was so rude. I was sitting, reading a book while waiting for the bus. I saw it was coming and started getting up. Once I went in, he went on about how I should've already been standing or else I'd slow him down from staying on schedule. I told him there's no need to be rude and he started mimicing me as if he was some child.
December 18, 2015
Do you really believe that passengers "never" tell the whole truth? It's sad if you do. I've been riding the bus for quite some time now and have been the victim and seen others the victim of rude unprofessional bus drivers. In most cases people don't complain they just let it happen which is why the drivers continue with there rudeness. It wasn't until today when a driver, on bus line 37 going east on adams, aggressively yanked on my daughter's wheel chair putting the straps on in a way that would have smashed her foot had she not moved it. He took his anger out on a child, because i asked him to fix the chair properly seeing as though it was still moving around. I dont care how angry you get with an should never take your anger out on a child, and its even worse to do it to a child in a wheelchair. Also, I doubt there is good reason for a driver to become unprofessional while doing your job so "egging a driver on" does not for this behavior or any unprofessional behavior. You have a blessed day and do try to open your mind "every passenger should NOT be blamed or said to not be telling the truth".
At around 5:01 pm bus driver #75846 closed his doors in my face as i was bound to be the last person to board bus route #33 on venice and abbot kinney. The bus number is 8517 going eastbound on Thursday evening February 18th at 4:59-5:02pm. I knocked on the door 3 times but the driver intentionally wouldnt look to his right hand shoulder to see me. He drove off. I skated in the bike lane all the way up until the expo train connection to catch up and get on that same eastbound 33 bus. Once i got on i paid my fare and asked for the drivers bus # and he would not advise me where to find it. An older passenger assisted me and aslo told me he tried to leave her while she was waiting for the bus, but other passengers yelled for him to open the door, which he then did. This is unacceptable service. Drivers should not be leaving ppl behind who are ACTUALLY AT the stop on arrival. He then asked are you gonna complain like everyone else or not and i thought that was extremely unprofessional being that i was completely cordial with this asian bus driver. Something needs to be done about these metro drivers. This stuff never happens on the BIG BLUE BUS.
Line 20, 4/4 at 8:24AM. Unfortunately I could not get the bus number or badge, but the driver is a slim Latino male. He refused to let me on the bus as it was sitting at a light on the westbound Kingsley/Wilshire stop. He refused patrons at the westbound Wilshire/Western stop last week. His bus is not full. I don't normally do this, but I truly felt this was blatant as he 'waved me off'. He did not pull away from the bus stop. Very frustrating.
Line 20, 4/4 at 8:24AM. Unfortunately I could not get the bus number or badge, but the driver is a slim Latino male. He refused to let me on the bus as it was sitting at a light on the westbound Kingsley/Wilshire stop. He refused patrons at the westbound Wilshire/Western stop last week. His bus is not full. I don't normally do this, but I truly felt this was blatant as he 'waved me off'. He did not pull away from the bus stop. Very frustrating.
On 6/2/2016 at 9:00am,. I boarded bus number 5795..line 60 north bound to artesia, on Long Beach Blvd in South Gate. Upon boarding the bus driver (a heavy set hispanic male) shut the door hitting me on my left arm. I asked brought this to is attention and his attitude was totally unethical. Telling me i should know better and step in. I responded by telling him that it was his responsobility to beware of people boarding. He kept avoiding my comment and i dont feel that this a an attitude that should be displayed. I want an apology. Thank you.

I was waiting for the 251 bus he pulled up I was sitting by a tree he pulled to the end of the corner I approach the bus he didn't open the door he looked at me nd looked away nd proceeded to accellerate the bus that was very rude of the driver the bus number is #8519 line 251 at 2 pm plz train your bus drivers with more courtesy thank you for the time to read my complaint I have bad knees so I couldn't get up fast he didn't even wait a minute plz talk with that driver he's asian decent
Incident happen with this irreaponsible female driver at normandie av. TodToday around 3 pm going south.
I was driving south also when a.female driver dirext thw bua towards my car expecting to me to stop to let her go!
I had thw right to continue driving aince i was driving about 30 miles per hour.
Not only that but the irresponsible and reckless driver yeld at me hurry up stupid .
Very disrespectfull people to be having that type of work putting families in risk i had my two daughters 7 and 10 in the back seat. At the timw of incident.
This type of persons with abnormal mentality shouldn't be part of our public transportation.
Action need to be taken to educate type of irreaponsible drivera.
i feel disappointed for this situation and o want to be inform of action taked in. This particular case.
My number 323 915 5121.
Bus number 8565 going south on detour female hispanic drive.

Incident happen with this irreaponsible female driver at normandie av. TodToday around 3 pm going south.
I was driving south also when a.female driver dirext thw bua towards my car expecting to me to stop to let her go!
I had thw right to continue driving aince i was driving about 30 miles per hour.
Not only that but the irresponsible and reckless driver yeld at me hurry up stupid .
Very disrespectfull people to be having that type of work putting families in risk i had my two daughters 7 and 10 in the back seat. At the timw of incident.
This type of persons with abnormal mentality shouldn't be part of our public transportation.
Action need to be taken to educate type of irreaponsible drivera.
i feel disappointed for this situation and o want to be inform of action taked in. This particular case.
My number 323 915 5121.
Bus number 8565 going south on detour female hispanic drive.

I do have picturea of the bus
Bus route 206 in detour
I was waiting for the 183 Im Burbank, on Olive and San Fernando Rd around 12pm on Sat Dec 17,2016. The bus never showed up. I called and no one could help. I had to get to the hospital to take some belongings to my fathetr before they transfered him to Monrovia Memorial Hospital . I was too late because of your bus. I HAD TO BUS 2 MORE HOURS TO GET TO MONROVIA. This is unacceptable and you need to some how compensate me for your company inconveniencing me. You have supervisors on weekends who can take complaints on customer service agents but not drivers. I can't call until Monday. I am going to call and raise hell on Monday. If I do not get compensated I will call until I do.
Tuesday January 17, 2017. Bus # 5698 Line 110 going west to playa vista. Boarded the bus at 6:49 am at gage and otis ave. Exited the bus at 7:09 am at florence and holmes ave. Unfortunately I was unaware drivers had badge numbers so I did not get the drivers badge number. This driver was the definition of a reckless driver. Constantly speeding, honking at other drivers, several jerkful stops causing passangers including myself to bump eachother. Do not see LA Metro standards could be so low that people like that can pass your driving test and be allowed to drive people around.
Never gonna use MTA bus anymore, starting from today i encounter one of the rudest drivers of all. He belittled me in font of all the passengers. Saying maybe you should count the change right, I told him I did, he said obviously not you idiot.because I had exactly one dollar in change for my student fair, I put it all in but it only counted 35 cents worth. I'm just concerned how someone like that can be hired as a driver, especially because I'm Latino and he was too. The bus was the 78 #4080. He wears glasses no hair on top of his head but has a goat tee with a mustache.
Fuck you MTA n bis driver driving 4080 on January 31,2017 he was a total dick to me n other

Bus SN:3891 did not stop in front of the stop location is stopped half a block away at 7:57 am bus #108 4/5/17 why do you guys incompetent people that hate being bus drivers. This is one of the reason the MTA will never get rid of cars. Driving a car is a lot cheaper then taking the bus. Plus your customers service sucks.
Bus 9492 Western/expo Aug 2nd at 4:50. I had my headphones on and listening to music when the bus driver let's a man with a wheelchair on the bus and once he is in he starts putting the ramp back up. Once I saw the ramp close up i walked in to the bus and saw the bus driver moving his arms around. I take my headphone off and start listening to him going off on me saying if I dont hear him and for me to get back off the bus. I walked back down and he was just going off on me and saying "dont you hear the noise?? That noise means dont come in yet!". I told the driver I could not had not heard him since I had the music playing and he kept talking shit to me. I told him he did not need to be rude about how he speaks to customer because at the end of the day we are paying to ride this bus and we also pay for his income. Man looked old, tired and just plain rude. I dont get tired of repeating this. If you dont have people skills then get a job where you dont have to deal with people on a daily basis. Metro needs to do something about these ride ass drivers. Makes me want to start driving again��
You know how many times I have stood at a bus stop for s long time just to have the #$@! bus driver speed right by without stopping? A. _$#!. Lot. So sick of it that I bought a car earlier than I had planned. Please don't act like it's always the passengers that are horrible. Smdh.
Totally agree with you. The bus company set up this site so they can delete your legit complaints. I made complaints via email and phone. They don't seem to care. Thank goodness Uber is here to solve this mess. Won't she'd a year when Uber eradicates the lame bus b.s. that we have to put up with until then. As I write this I just had yet another m-fer speed right by without stopping at the bus stop.
This is the 5th tine this bus has left 5 min early bus # 8642 115 going to green line sstation. Its suppose to leave at 1:49 and he has people running to it and passing them up. This site will probably not respond so WTH I'm leaving my comments on yelp and Los Angeles City face book page and Channel 2,4,5,7.11 & 13 twitter accounts.
at 445am September3 im right at the bus stop and the Driver picks up aperson were the layover and passes look at me and kept going i wonder if he does that evary day wow ,
at 445am September3 im right at the bus stop and the Driver picks up aperson were the layover and passes look at me and kept going i wonder if he does that evary day wow ,
BUS 45 passed me by at 4rth and Spring at 9:04 PM. I WAS STANDING AT THIS BUS STOP AND IT NEVER STOPPED- passed RIGHT BY THE STOP!
That's the best thing to do is take him to court rather than getting into a fight. Talk to a good lawyer to see what kind of case you have. Sounds like you have
a good case.
If you have a complaint against a driver, get his or her ID number, which is on his shirt. Also get the bus number.
I agree. MTA has a strict law about assaulting drivers. It's an automatic fine or imprisonment or both. It's a felony.
In this case you should ask to speak to a supervisor. If that doesn't work, call the BBB (Better Business Bureau) or the bus riders union. You can also call, write, or email your congressman or senator.
Sounds to me he or they aren't doing their job. I'd report it to a supervisor.
You may try contacting someone in charge or call or write to your congressman or legislator.
Sounds like she doing her job correctly. Report it to a supervisor. Next time, get get ID number, the number on the right side of her shirt. Also get the bus number also.
Correction, it sounds like she wasn't doing her job correctly.
On December 27 2017 I caught the 734 line at approx. 756pm.. From Plummer and sepulveda.. the bus arrival time was suppose to be 743.. I depend on this bus to get home to Palmdale every night.. bus number 9576 it was super late.. I suppose he took a longer break than he was suppose to because I tracked him at all his stops on Google map and he was late to every one of them except 4..The 167line needs more drivers because I also catch this bus as well and kids depend on this bus to get to school and college CSun.. The 167 needs to run every 30 min not every hour.. can metro please hire more people for this bus line it'll be much appreciated...But the driver on the 734 needs to be punished for his tardiness almost missed my train by a minute.
If you become really mad at a driver, don't pick a fight at attack him or her. It's an automatic fine or imprisonment or both if you attack a driver. Try to restrain yourself.
Sounds like this driver didn't want to do his or her job. I would report it to a supervisor, the BBB, or the Bus Rider's Union. If that doesn't work, you can call your congressman or your state Senator.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
If he or she threatens you or strikes you, call the police or sheriff. You can make a citizen's arrest and have him or her charged with assault and battery.
In this case, I'd call the police or sheriff and report him. You can make a citizen's arrest and have him taken into custody by the officers.
In this case, report it to a supervisor and explain the problem with your boss.
Again the 33 line going eastbound did not stop for passengers at 7 am. This is the 3rd time within a month.
I was on the 108 bus number 5710 around 618pm today one of your bus trainee was taking up three seats with her feet relaxing she would not let anyone sit down had the nerve to be in the handicap section ��
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