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Friday, December 08, 2006


Metro Rapid Buses; Re-Painted Again?

Well, at least so it seems. You can spot a couple of them on occasion. The Metro Rapid buses were just replaced with new, really good looking buses in red/silver. Yet, the schizophrenia has set in again, and they're now becoming orange and silver? Or is it just a couple of them? Anyway, there's nothing wrong with that color combination, but it'd always be nicer if the bus schedule was made more tight, and the subway system operated with a bit more of efficiency. But oh well, if the MTA likes to tinker with colors, it wouldn't be surprising in terms of where priorities lie.
Can imagine that while people on certain routes still wait for the bus for 25-30 minutes on average, the heads at the MTA sit and try to figure out what new finish the Metro Rapids should be in. And those buses are already new. The bus delays are getting old, however. Again this appears to be a sign that the MTA are working for outsiders first, residents second. They're more concerned with eye-candy, and whatever prestige that brings about to the eye of an outsider. The fact that elderly folks have to push their way onto the bus, or stand up for 1 hour, doesn't bother them the slightest. The jerks know there's no other option for many people. During the bus-strikes many people got stuck in their homes. Did that serve as a wake-up call? Hell no, they're still as of late 06 tinkering with new colors and other trivialities. It means that next time a strike occurs, some elderly or handicapped may well die in their homes. That's the urgent nature of the lack of public transportation in Los Angeles.

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