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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


A Note on Voters & Traffic

With new developments taking place everywhere from Downtown LA to the Westside & beyond, it's now coming into light how naive voters are when complaining about the prospect of increased traffic. Like someone has said on here before, voters are a big part of the reason for the inadequate PT system of LA. It's quite ironic that presumably the 'same' voters who opposed an earlier subway expansion to the Westside, and who do not want to see an increase in bus services in their areas, are now complaining about traffic when inevitable city growth takes place. What do they expect, that development should simply stop, or that LA should be managed like a small city with only minor developments being allowed? Why do people oppose public transportation, AND traffic, AND building development, combined? Perhaps it should be noted that Los Angeles is America's second largest city. It's not a 'burb' or some quiet Midwest town. It's a major city after all. In a county of about 10 million inhabitants, perhaps it's reasonable to expect that some major developments will take place every once in a while. And that the only viable solution to traffic problems is to drop the NIMBY mindset when it comes to public transportation. It's funny, how that in most other major cities, public transportation is a given element of their infrastructures. Many LA residents seem to believe that LA isn't a major city.

Frankly, the same can be said about other areas. When it comes to the gang problem, which virtually no-one goes untouched by, everyone wants to see a solution, but when it finally comes to increasing the amount of police officers, people don't want to contribute. The same thing with the homeless problem. People don't want homeless services in their own neighbourhoods, yet say they want to solve homelessness in the city. Then, perhaps we deserve all the problems that we have, after all, including the traffic.

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