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Saturday, September 15, 2007


Late Update

Hello, anybody. I'm sorry about having left 'whoever' in the dark. It's been a time of assessment and, re-assessment. After having spent close to 1 year on rants and otherwise regarding MTA, and since there's a finite thing to complain about, and when you complain about one thing, you begin to see other 'bigger' things to complain about etc. Hence, it came to a bit of a dead end regarding public transportation rants. But heck, after some reading, and reassessments, some exiting things seem to be going on in LA as far as public transportation is concerned. There seems to be a challenge in convincing skeptics. That will, or might (:) become the new focus of this blog. Just exactly when, isn't sure yet, but the blog will be back to 'complete the circle', so to speak. Not sure what approach to take yet, but we'll see. It's likely to be more from outside in rather than inside out. Exciting things seem to be going on in LA, and I'd want to be part of the change. Enjoy the bus and the train in the meantime (if possible).

It seems a lot of the LA Transit Bloggers have not had much to say for the last few months. I can imagine getting frustrated with the slow pace of change with these issues. Thanks for the update I Look forward to hearing you when you come back.

Take Care

- P.
Thank you very much for your comment.
Please do keep it up! I now
link to your blog from

(BTW you have a typo in your profile: "plublic" should be "public".)

We are two architects from Austria, momentary participating in the architects and artists in residence program by the MAK Schindler house in Los Angeles, and working on a research project about the bus system in the city of Los Angeles.

Part of our work is to generate “narrative bus maps”:

To generate these maps we are now calling for subjective experiences with and in the bus in Los Angeles linked to particular lines or sites. The authors of these narratives can be locals as well as tourists, bus users as well as car drivers, passengers as well as bus drivers.

As we have found out you are also interested in “riding the bus” here in Los Angeles so
if you have a story to tell which is related to a certain line of the Los Angeles Busses (LA County) you are invited to mail us your story or it would be great if you could contact us at:

The final project (you are contributing to) will be shown at an exhibition at the MAK Schindler house in the beginning of March 2008.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon
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Hey did u get a car? Is that why u stopped? Can u make me an author I take he public transport cos I don't want to add to the pollution but I pay for having such goals ...very dearly. I can revive this blog...what say?
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