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Monday, April 30, 2007


LA's Transit System Complete? Not Yet

It struck me recently that with all the current issues around transportation and traffic, it's going to take decades before the LA transit system is complete or sufficient. The politics, the budget issues, the lack of funding, the wrong trends, etc; there may not be a complete subway system around in LA before I'm 90 or gone.
Should one simply accept it, and move on? It's never going to be like NYC or S.F here in our life-time, so really, why whine about it? It's a mammoth that's going to take its course regardless of how important is is, or how urgently it is needed anyway.

Public transportation ought to be a public priority. It would ease traffic, improve air quality, improve commerce, apart from providing the only means of transportation for thousands of residents.
Yet, there's this eternal quibble and NIMBYism surrounding it.

LA is backwards in every sense of the word when it comes to public transportation. I've lived in NYC, CHicago and DC and everyone, rich, poor, young, old rides takes public transportation (subway, train, or buses). LA literally is the worst commuter city with the most traffic jams and backup and yet people continue to drive. I mean what is the problem people. You waste about 2-3 hours driving in your car to and from the city when could be blissfully and quickly riding on the train for about 30-40 minutes back and from work or to wherever. Who wants to spend their lives waiting in their car. And with gas pricings going up (some experts say to $4) it should make residents want to take the metro systems even more. LA could really be a great city if they got their transportation system together.
I have nothing to add, except to say that I absolutely hate the LA public transit system. Am I ever glad I don't live there anymore. It would probably take at least 15 years before it can be considered adequate by most residents, and that's assuming the money and political will already exists.
The aveage American will spend 2 years of his/her life sitting still in traffic.
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