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Saturday, November 04, 2006


Final Word On MTA Awards

(At least, let's hope it is)
Will it be fair to say that the awards Metro has won are not for them being the "best" transit agency in the nation-- for they're not, but, as someone has said before, for investing a lot and for being proactive in terms of new builds and services? That's very different from actually being the best.

All advertisement pertaining to Metro's award-winning claim they are the best transit agency in the nation. That's simply a lie. What is true, is that they do build, add, and improve in many areas. That's not the same as actually being the best.

How about at least being candid about it, by for the MTA to state that they are Trying to improve, Trying to become the best, and that it will take time? As opposed to stating "We are the nation's best", when it's so much not true. So not true. Then why lie, especially since no-one's buying it? That's the point, Why lie? What's going to change by lying about it? Do the believe they can fool their customers into agreeing with them by simply claiming things?

Perhaps they also figured that late evening riders wouldn't pose any threat, and therefore ignore their concerns. It makes sense, because if they're OK with lying, chances are much higher that they're also OK with neglecting. And the neglect has been, despite it using to be much worse, still widespread.

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