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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


It happened again, with Metro Rapid

I was on Wilshire blvd east of La Brea on the Saturday; stood and waited... and waited. Thought I was going to Westwood for a visit. Many others waited in the same area. For darn long.

The crowd incrementally grew in size but no damn bus in sight. For 15 more minutes and no bus in sight. 10 more minutes and no bus in sight. 5 more, no bus. 4 more, no bus.

Then when it came, it was packed, so the driver passed us by to the other side of the adjacent intersection and let off his passengers there, so that he didn't have to deal with more people trying to push themselves aboard.

After that, it took probably 7 minutes for the next Metro Rapid bus to arrive. It was also quite packed, but at least good to stand on.

It was just a hideous wait that virtually killed the instinct to pleasure. And it happens all the freaking time. Don't ride the bus on a Saturday. Wherever you're going, chances are it won't feel worth it.
In this way, the MTA kills quality of life. I don't see how they 'had' to take that long. Wonder if anybody did. This is Regardless of size or budget. Their budget isn't so bad that it can't supply enough buses to avoid these absurd scenarios.

Also, viewing the ads on the bus it makes for a complete oxymoron. You don't reasonably ride MTA when going out for a dining. You just don't, unless you're forced to. For christ sake, AT LEAST LIVE UP TO YOUR ADS! Or at least take them down and stop the provocation!

I take Metro Rapid buses on Wilshire almost every day.

Sometimes they work great and other times, it's MISERABLE--as you pointed out in your post.

I NEVER have a miserable ride on the Red Line.

That's right. Subay cures a lot of transit problems, and is worth it at all costs, in the long run, and can't be avoided forever.
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