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Monday, September 11, 2006


More About The Subway Announcements

There is also this thing, that the more they utilize those signaling warning message, the more transit riders will grow accustomed to them, which may then undermine their efficiency once it really counts.

As it appears today, people are already growing numb to these announcements. Since virtually no-one is walking, standing or sitting near the edge of the platform, people aren't going to pay attention to a message that doesn't even pertain to them.
They might in fact get so used to it that when a real emergency occurs, they might automatically ignore the "ding doung dang dong".

It would be more common sense to apply a stripe of warning tape along a foot off the edges or so, to heed people away from them, visually. Because if they're going to start to announce all basic rules and precautions, it can quickly become a circus. There would be announcements like:

  • Attention All Passengers:

  • "Please do not sleep or walk on the train tracks".

  • "Please do not throw food at walls or ceilings".

  • "Please do not move SUV's down the escalators".

  • "Please do not eat your tickets".

  • "Please do not board the trains before they arrive".

  • "Please do not place your head in front of any moving trains"

  • "Please do not run, play or dance on top of the trains"

  • "Please do not walk nude near the edges of the platform"

Why not, see these are things people don't do anyway. So they'd make as much sense as the current announcements. People would just ignore them because they didn't relate to them. Moreover when there's really something to be announced, people will expect the same silly message to follow the signal, and subsequently may try to ignore it.

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