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Sunday, September 24, 2006


Filthy, Unclean Seats on Buses and trains

That filth wouldn't be a big deal to someone who hadn't seen where it came from.
Sometimes a homeless person will sit down, which is Ok, and fair. But what if a person has defecated, which certainly happens, and then sits down on a seat, which certainly happens, and next come you or me sitting down on that same seat, and guess what we will leave with glued behind?

So the question is if the MTA ever sanitize their seats. Nobody is expecting immaculate results, but at least clean to the point where it's hygienically safe to ride without having to ride standing out of fear of having feces smeared onto your clothes. Bad hygiene brings about disease. Disease ought to be a serious enough issue to care about.

But it appears that nobody cares. You see seats black of filth, and the next thing you see may be a homeless person who has a fecal odor. I mean, poor that dude, but how about sanitizing the seats? Isn't basic hygiene an issue to the MTA? Well, I know it is because I've seen people cleaning up in Metro stations, but as far as the seats are concerned, in which people will actually sit down and come in close contact with whatever germs live on them, there appears to be an MTA neglect at play.

If anyone knows whether the seats are being cleaned, feel free to say it. But they don't appear to be, and I guarantee that on many of those seats live a history of particles from feces, farts, pee, and you name it. If on average 300 persons who defecate on themselves sit on Metro bus and train seats per year, it means some power of that number of other people will have feces smeared onto their clothes per year. I know it sounds crude, but it's true; if the MTA don't sanitize their seats, that is what will happen. Is anyone really OK with sitting on shit? Apparently the MTA believes they are.

He who smelt it, dealt it.
Yesterday, my wife and I were taking the 217 from Hollywood / Vine to Melrose / Fairfax for some lunching when we happen to sit in the most putrid, fecal-smelling bus I have ever had the misfortune to ride in. People would step on, grimace and get right off. The best reaction came from a young man that sat across from us after just getting off work... "Who shits their pants and then gets on a bus?" Needless to say, we had to walk around in the "fresh" air before our appetites returned. Thanks MTA!
Yeah, imagine then if you ride that bus the next time, and the feces have 'dried' into the seat. That's probably a disease bringer right there. Hope you're not eating while reading this, eh. But at least a lost appetite is preferable to cholera.
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