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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Announcements in the Metro Stations 2

And as for the warnings "Please to not sit or stand near the edge of the platform". Did something happen 10 years into MTA's subway operation? Did passengers suddenly start falling off the platform edges, and god forbid, were ran over by the train en masse?

With reservations, I say, this is probably one of the dumbest things the MTA's come up with (It was probably supposed to be a good decision). It just reeks with an out-of-touchness.
It's obvious that no-one; none, is standing near the edge of virtually any subway platform, yet they keep spewing that message at awkward moments, like past midnight when there are two people waiting for the train, and implying some urgency.

While, if it was only about some mis-guided announcement, by itself that'd be easily acceptable. But the dumb announcements come from the same transit agency that's screwed up in about as many areas as they spew that message per day. You know that it's the MTA, the same agency that's become infamous in the world of public transportation, that'd crafted those messages. That's what makes it that painful.

Anyway, why couldn't they announce something of higher importance? Not to say that safety cautions aren't important but they're already posted on notes everywhere. So how about either to shut-up, or announce when the next train is coming?

After all, what's the percentage of transit riders who stand or walk near the platform edges? About 1 promille per day? Yet everyone has to hear that message, over and over; morning, lunch, midnight, day in an day out, and for how many years?? That damn "ding dong ding dong", Look MTA's found a new toy to play with! Jeeeze!
What's next? "Ding dong ding dong: Remember that it's illegal to drive motor bikes on Metro stations", and repeat that message 99 times or so per day?

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