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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Wow, Buses Have Been Added on Wilshire

They've done it, MTA, wow. Orange Line-style buses have been added to the Wilshire blvd Metro Rapid fleet. It means, they care. Or, some care. Someone has done something about a problem.

But every time they invest in more buses, it cannot not give an ambivalent feeling. They ought to invest everything in the subway system. But at the same time the overcrowding is so urgent that it can't wait another 10 years for a subway expansion to remedy it. Seems to be a vicious circle stemming from poor planning and wacky priorities earlier on.
L.A's public transportation has been that of a redneck (no offense) town. When thinking about it, it's pathetic that a city that's so expansive, and so dependent upon vehicle mobility would dodge the issue for so long. And it's hard not to think of arrogance when you see the effects on others. Who. Didn't know that you can't walk from Hollywood to Santa Monica? And who never knew that a heck lot of a people in L.A. can't afford to drive cars? They must have known, but obviously didn't give a rat's damn about it. Snobbery and social politics have clearly come first. Or, a bunch of chicken-littles living in the world's 9th largest city who are afraid of the subway. That's pathetic. Haven't seen it in any other major city of the world, with maybe the exception of very poor cities that simply couldn't afford better economically. L.A. is rich, however.

Frankly, in many ways, with the exception of the mayor and some few others, this city still seems to think "bus". As the general traffic situation worsens, it would make sense to assume that the buses will run all the more inefficently as the traffic keeps getting worse and worse. Seems that a subway will be inevitable in the long run.

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