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Sunday, July 02, 2006


So Time Tables Cannot be Provided?

Said a commenter on this blog, because it would be tedious or impractical for the MTA to update time tables at thousand-plus bus stops.

Well, is it really? Or is it just MTA laziness, or MTA sloppiness? Of course it is. A matter of organization which is lacking, does not continue to lack unless the leadership is lazy or sloppy, or incompetent or amateurish.

As if time tables in large cities was something utopian. Here we go again MTA screw-up mentality, that "we can't do even the most basic things because it would be unrealistic to expect us to".
Well, doesn't New York have time tables? Doesn't London? Tokyo? Moscow? Many cities do, but L.A. "can't" because it's transportation leaders are like babies and amateurs.

Is it not possible to craft a schedule that fits the city at large, and stick with it? What, are Los Angeles transit riders unique in that they move too often, change jobs too often, or stop riding the buses too often? If not, what's the big deal about providing a consistent bus schedule that time-tables, let alone bus riders, could get used to? At least for a while at a time.

Localized neighborhood units could take on the responsibility to update time tables if necessary. Such as neighborhood council MTA workers. Alternatively electronic time tables could be used that were unbreakable and resistant to attempts at vandalism, and that wouldn't require workers to physically go and update every time table. Or, for crying out loud; Look at how other cities do it and emulate it.

The point is, that the MTA doesn't hold its customers that high. They're not exactly eager to make it "extra" convenient for bus riders. They're not precisely itching for providing such "luxury items" like up-to-date bus schedules at bus stops.
The better alternative has been to let men, women, students, children, workers, patients, wait ad nauseum for buses that may or may not stop to pick them up. Great job MTA. The hell no wonder why people choose to drive and/or stick with driving. It's evident from within one's car that something is awkward with the MTA when you see 30 people gawking in one direction, over and over, obviously waiting for the bus to arrive.

And to mitigate that awful service, not even basic amenities could be provided? That's either of arrogance or incompetence, and is amazing what those traits are doing at L.A.'s public transportation system. This is not Kabul. We're not a city of Talibans where education level is near non-existent. So what's the great excuse for all this incompetence and blatant disrespect toward customers?

You make a lot of presumptions.

Few of those have any basis in reality.

I'm tempted to ask the person who controls the web ring that I found you on to remove you from it.

You are mean-spirited, you have learned nothing about reality from my trying to answer your questions and concerns, and I don't believe I wish to expend any additional energy trying to educate you.
I seriously appreciate your input, and don't think, at all, that your comments have been wasted. Have said it in the past, that I don't have an interest in disputing facts. But nevertheless I (we) have every right to question, regardless if visitors like it or not.
You also have the option to start a blog of your own. You could even start blog that ranted about this blog, it's a matter of rights.
I don't appreciate how you try to threaten people into submission.
As if unless you tell it with a smile, "transit advocate" will seek to have you banned, I mean what is that.

You can't go and threaten people simply because you disagree with them.
The whole point with a blog is to express oneself, and I'd appreciate if you'd respected that expression, just like I respected yours.
To respect doesn't mean you have to like everything that's being said.

Nah, you just seem bothered that someone didn't blindly accept your answers. Yet, I have not disputed other things you've said.
As a person who has exclusively used public transit for my transportation in LA for over two years, I agree with almost every single rant in this new blog.

The MTA system and service is HORRIBLE.

Transit Advocate, instead of making excuses for everything the MTA does wrong, how about using your wealth of knowledge about the MTA system to come up with solutions? That would be a better use of your time and brainpower.

For example, to remedy the problem of a lack of time schedules at bus stops, how about a number you can call on your cell phone that connects you to an automated bus schedule system? That would be very convenient and much easier to update every six months than having to repost schedules at 18,000 stops.

It's nice to know that someone else out there shares my frustrations with the MTA. Keep on writing this blog, and I'll keep on reading.
Snappy, I Knew it. Thank you.
You know what, "Transit Advocate", you can just stop it with your censorship. This site has as much validity as any other site on the web ring. You are mean spirited and make the snide comments that give disrepute to your organization. Not everything is peachy as you claim. We know who you are, and you're not helping yourself, the Governance Council that you sit on, or the organization you are a member of with your curt and snarky commenting. Nobody knows as much as you do. Get over it.
And by the way, "Transit Advocate", all you have to do is look to Orange County, that bastion of autopia. They put schedules on most of their thoughts. Gee, that took a lot of effort. Not.
Thank you anonymous.

I agree transit advocate sits on a heck of much fact-based knowledge, but seems very "pro-MTA", and thank you guys for your input and for confirming what I've tried to say.
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