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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Not Only Drivers are Bad

Sometimes, the MTA buses can be similar to the county sheriff department's jail buses within (no offense). It's really a no good place for kids or women to be. Particularly those of certain lines at certain times, typically late.

Some bus riders, eh, typically male and apparently single, make for a low-class ride because they'd stare any woman to death.
It's to note, that the buses of the MTA can be hostile irrespective of the driver.

It's notable for the reason that, everything that's bad or unpleasant about the MTA will discourage new ridership. It means that the traffic will keep getting worse. Now, as the MTA buses can be filthy or stinky (or both, indeed), they may also be relatively hostile for some riders, either because of the driver, or because of some of the riders aboard them.
It's a bad reminder that the bus is still the core of Los Angeles public transportation. A subway would be more anonymous, provide more choices for seating, etc. On the bus, people get stuck with whomever they're forced to share it with (no offense) all in a very limited space. If a bad odor is oozing persistently, you can't just switch car, like you could on a train, but you're doomed to smell it for regardless how long it takes to get to where you're going because you're not going to get off and walk. And sometimes, the type of ridership adds to the pressure.
Granted, many people avoid the bus on certain routes, or at certain times (which is quite common for transit) due to the type of ridership that mostly occupy it.

boo hoo! you have to share space with the people who make up this town. stinky or sweaty, crazy or sane it shouldn't matter.
i am a woman and i ride the bus at night in some pretty shady areas-not because i want to, but because i have to. comments like the one you wrote above only keep people, who could easily use the bus as an alternative, away. the bus and walking down in los angeles, forces you to come into close contact with the people who make up the rest of this city.
when i ride the bus, and smell a pee soaked bum or see the cracked out hooker in the back, i don't turn myb head in disgust at the fact that i have to SHARE my space with them. in fact i look at them and wonder why we as a society have let them deteriorate to this level. so rather than be upset that you as a citizen of los angeles with one of the 90,000 homeless on a hot bus late at night, why not ask your self why law inforcement and hospitals from all of the southland are dropping off their homeless and violent criminals in our skid row?
Agreed. But I'm not upset at the homeless. It's about the MTA's demeanor.

I agree. It's deplorable to allow people to live like they that in a rich society. Like with the MTA, it shows a lack of consciousness. Those bums could've been you or me, it'd be the same thing. And I agree that society should feel the problem as long as it exists.

The thing is, I suppose, that the MTA is not society but an agency whose interest lies in attracting more customers. Yet so much of what they do and don't do, is detrimental to that.
On a Red Line train a few weeks ago I was absolutely disgusted and frightend by a man (not homeless) who made it a point to sit right near this obviously young (probably 14 or 15 years old) girl even though there were plenty of other seats available. I watched in disgust and he proceeded to harass her with suggestive body language and facial movements, and god knows what he was saying to her. I got up and motioned for her to move if she was feeling uncomfortable, which she did and he thankfully left her alone until she got off at her stop and he followed her out the train. Yikes. But what can be done about this? There's weirdos everywhere. Luckily many train stations and bus stops are fairly public and well traversed areas, so hopefully when that girl got off at Hollywood/Vine, she was safe.
Yup. There are weirdos everywhere.

But in this case the service provider is "weird" too.

There's nowhere in the world you can go to a major city, use its transit system, and only encounter a subset of that city's population, since all kinds of people use it. But at least, say in NYC, where the transit system is extensive and much more reliable, weirdos become just a part of everyday life, as opposed to something that compunds what's already bad with the system.

Part of the problem is the bus orientation. Subway, and bus, are different. A bus is much more intimate, and way slower. It means that whatever comes with it has a higher impact on its riders.
i think that the problem with metroriderla's situation is that on the redline you are left to fend for yourself. the driver cannot come and assit you or stop the bus to see what's going on. more weirdo's are able to ride the metro because of the brilliant honor system.
but the main problem is that there is no one there to go to for help if you need it. there isn't a ticket agent or mta employee in sight. so, what do you do when the drunk won't stop harrassing you?
yes, subway and bus orientation may aliviate some of the the reservations of riding public transport, but especially, with the metro, riders need to feel safe and empty subway stations are not the way to do that.
But they do have cameras on the subway stations. Hopefully they're monitoring 24-h.
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