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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


More Example of ignoring

Quite often, you see a woman running next to or behind a bus. The inside riders can see her (in the case it's a woman, sometimes it's a guy, but they are both prospective customers) through the bus windows. In much likelihood, the driver can very often spot her too, and sometimes with certainty, does. It often starts with the bus standing at a stop, and a person comes just seconds late, and begins to run hoping that if the driver spots them, they will wait. Clearly, any decent human being would. And some bus drivers do, to prove that. But quite often, the customer is rather blatantly ignored, even if it's a woman in her 50s. You can see people sometimes running along, or after, the bus anticipating that the driver will wait for them to catch up. Well, they anticipate it because that's what most would do out of common courtesy.

Sometimes it's reeeally close, yet the driver just plain ignores the person, even if it's not technically necessary. It'd take three seconds to let that customer on the bus. That's a worthy price to pay for respecting a fellow person.

One time a woman was running up just next to the bus when the driver hit the gas pedal. And that woman knew that the driver had already spotted her, but chose to take off without letting her on. The woman actually jogged to the next stop, and from there managed to enter the bus. Where she started sermonizing the driver, rightly, for having blatantly ignored her (and who knows where the woman was heading, if it was something very important). She was in a position where you'd be if someone deliberately ignored you. And what happened was that the driver told the woman to get off the bus (which is outrageous), but the woman was sharp and refused to take that order from a driver who had behaved like an egg. That's when the driver stopped the bus and got outside, and told how she wouldn't go anywhere until the woman in question had exited. It ended up with a bus in stand still. First a humiliated woman, who is told to get off the bus for having questioned an idiotic driver's conduct (what is this, Mussolini's Italy?), which ends up with the whole crowd waiting extra.

This is not a question of policy, but of human character. Some drivers readily wait for a customer that's closing in, especially if they're close enough.
Others ignore them. Which is so immature. I hate to see how it's being done to respectable people. Like folks who are probably good family people, not dumb at all, being dodged like they didn't exist. That kind of anti-social behavior has consequenses. If public employees behave like asses, they'll validify that behavior to others. Employees set examples, whether they like it or not.

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