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Friday, July 21, 2006


The Metro Red Line's deferment

The Metro Red Line was such a master work. Timely, artsy and well connecting. But the question arises, will the Metro Red Line have time to decay before the line is extended?
Again, more, more, and more money is being invested into additional buses, and another rail line: the Exposition Light Rail Transit Project. Wow, that's sure better than the dreaded bus, but that line won't run along Wilshire blvd. It seems that other costly projects are being invested into all to defer what will be inevitable in the future, which is the westward extension of the Metro Red Line.

If they could score on that one, MTA's stature would rise right away.
But how's that going to happen anytime soon if another rail line is being built parallel to where the Red Line's extension would go? That's probably going to steal momentum from the Red Line's possible extension. As eating a dessert would defer appetite for the main course.

What's so hard about extending the Metro Red Line to its natural final destination? If a subway can run under Manhattan in NYC or atop buildings in Osaka Japan, why can't the Metro Red Line run simply to the beach? Why keep investing in other, half-baked, projects? Transit in L.A. is urgent. It's a vast city with hundreds of thousands of people who depend on it to get to and from jobs, hospitals, errands, schools and more. In actuality, a decent public transportation system in L.A isn't something that can be defered, because it's urgently needed. But the dodging of the Red Line extension's completion suggests the MTA believes it can.

And then again, why not, if they're fine with letting all types of people share the bus with the stench of feces, sheeez, get real, a subway line to the beach would be almost too good to be true in L.A.

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