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Monday, July 17, 2006


The Metro Blue Line

is almost like a quite hero in the local transit network. The Metro Blue Line runs from Downtown L.A to Long Beach, and isn't as "fancy" as a Metro Red Line from Downtown L.A to the coastline might've been, but nevertheless, doesn't the Blue Line provide a crucial service to commuters and residents in the areas between its two ending points? It does.

It struck me how good the Metro Blue Line is in terms of consistency and its priority compared to other MTA network lines. Notably the hyped Gold Line, while surely being a nice addition to the L.A subway/train system, runs mostly via more affluent areas, compared to the Blue Line's route through Vernon, Watts, Compton and much of Long Beach, and all the areas in between, where more people truly depend on public transportation.

All in all, the Metro Blue Line is probably the absolutely best route in L.A. It even appears to be managed by somebody other than MTA. Despite running through many economically poorer areas it shows a reliability and consistency that few other MTA projects do, particularly buses.
In other words, it shows that public transportation is possible in L.A too, even without lacking significantly in one area or another. And of course, it's better than the bus at all times. One rail-line, strategically sensibly placed, will do such a big difference. Yet they keep investing in more and more buses. Sooner or later there will be so many buses that they virtually outnumber the cars. Those money could've been invested in more "Blue Lines": rail-lines that are strategically well placed instead.

Praise for the ghetto Blue? Man oh man you are a strange one.

The ghetto Blue's not bad. It's as well run as any other MTA service (in case you were wondering, MTA recently won an award as one of the best big city transit systems.)

Take a trip to New York or Chicago, and see how they do things there.
Gee, it's Not run as well as "any other" MTA service. If that was the case this blog wouldn't even exist.

MTA's won an award. Probably not a customer award, because if so, it's a scam.
Everyone, Everywhere bitches about their transpo service. It's become a tradition.
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