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Thursday, July 06, 2006


Didn't the Metro Rapid--color--And then again....

Metro Rapid buses used to be red and white. Which looked sort of nice and crisp. But it seems that pretty soon after they were installed on Wilshire blvd they changed colors again--to red and silver, which is also nice, just wondering why.

That's like buying a new red car, and then have it repainted to white after only 3-4 years of usage.

How much time did it take to figure out what colors to re-paint the buses in, and what colors to paint the Metro Rapid in, so that they could "match" the colors that took time to come up with for the first buses? They seem to have perspirated over that.

Bet the exterior color scheme changes are probably just gimmicks to save face. That way at least the buses look neat to an outsider.

Still, it's not as if though the new colors are bad, it's just that there are so many other ugent issues that beg for attention. And the Metro Rapids were already fairly new. Did someone complain about the red/white combination?

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