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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


A Note Despite the Ranting

I want to make sure, to readers here that I know how, and that, MTA has been improving.

Apparently it's hard to convey that realization amidst the rants, but it's true. And it's quite obvious that credit goes where its due in terms of these improvements. While the purpose of this blog may be explained repetetively, one thing which is not the purpose of it, is to blast MTA for the sake of it.

Again, it's the MTA as a 'system creature', that I'm mostly getting at here, not its individual components per se. The purpose of this blog is obviously not to pat MTA on its head, but to get at the cores of the rot that has bothered so many people. Why I'm ranting is because no-one seem to speak out. People get frustrated, do have issues with the conduct of certain bus drivers, find many MTA lines and services inconvenient or insufficient, but most people go home in silence. While some surely complain to MTA most don't, as many are poor, hapless, old, ill, you name it. Screw that, if there's a problem somebody needs to voice out.

With due respect to you, the reader.

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