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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


The Mysterious drivers.

"Ghosts". The bus is empty, the driver's anonymous, the crowd is eager, but the driver doesn't stop by. For no good reason. It's a mystery that probably only Los Angeles residents experience when it gets to public transportation. At least in the so called first world.
The waiting riders shake heads, and wait on, hoping that the next driver will not be one of those ghosts that no-one will ever know who is, or why they didn't do their job.
It's a trauma though, to wait in heat and/or for extended times only to be dodged by the driver when the bus finally comes.
Adding to the frustration is the lack of means to forward complaints. No phone numbers are displayed inside buses or at bus-stops (why would they be anyway, since there aren't even time-tables) that people could call to reach some type of customer service. This frustration is then channeled elsewhere, perhaps at jobs, in families, and so on. Everyone doesn't write a blog to express emotions. That means other's frustrations end up elsewhere. That's an issue for the entire city.
Actually, if there was a customer service for bus riders in the first place, there would already have been improvements in services that reflected riders concerns.
But not only is it the bad service, but the damn drivers don't stop half of the times, Even if the bus itself is on time. It means that whatever improvements are made in schedules and timeliness would be undermined by bus-drivers who don't stop to pick up the riders.

Did you try looking at the bus destination sign? Just because a bus comes down the street doesn't mean that it is in service. Buses sometimes have to operate "Not In Service" when they have finished a trip as one line and then have to do a trip on another line that starts somewhere other than where the first trip ended. That would explain why the bus is empty, wouldn't it?

Or are you one of those people who just sees the bus coming and presumes it is the one you want without looking at the sign?
I have been reading your blog and it seems like you have a chip on your shoulder with the drivers
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