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Monday, June 19, 2006


MTA's resources; limitations? Hum, Bus drivers...

So might be, and actually is the case, that MTA's budget is very limited. They've added buses, have done well meaning things in terms of certain improvements. Such as expanded the Metro Rapid routes. Great, that something has actually been done to try to improve the service.
But despite the budget limitations, it's the very mentality of MTA that seems out of whack.
What about hiring standards? Who in their right mind would hire many incompetent drivers for such and incredibly vital organ like the MTA is for a city like Los Angeles? How can they hire drivers who frequently refuse to stop and pick up the customers? That's amazing. The very fundamental pillar of a well functioning organization is the morale and competence of its employees. But MTA has hired so many bad drivers, who are so arrogant than many people don't know what to do, or what to say. People just shake their heads, and go "what the hell is going on?".Wonder what the MTA board's members would say if they tried to fetch a cab and and were deliberately being ignored time and time again. It's sort of, how can this even be possible? How can drivers be allowed to dodge customers of the company they work for? And it's been for years. There seems to be nothing that addresses this. Is it that hard to make sure that employees actually do the job they're supposed to? Meaning that they stop and pick up customers, not when they want to, but when they're supposed to!! This is ridiculous. I haven't seen any other public transportation system that reeks so much with arrogance and incompetence. It's sometimes unbelievable. L.A. is vast and hundreds of thousands of people depend upon public transportation on a fundamental level. What more needs to be said? Hard not to rant, when you consider that people need the bus to get to and from hospitals, jobs, appointments, visits, shopping and more. Knowing that bus drivers obviously, deliberately ignore bus riders who're waiting for the bus, it's hard not to see how this can be unconscionable.

Is this blog going to be the same rants rehashed over and over?

I'm already becoming bored ...
I promise to write some more positive things. Particularily after MTA has improved.

But if the problem wasn't big or "real", this blog likely wouldn't exist.
Well, you didn't understand my answer about how difficult it is to hire qualified drivers, so I have to wonder.

And don't get too self-congratulatory about your blog. Blogs have no perceptible impact on the politicians who keep things from happening in a logical manner.
Transit advocate: you are a sucker. I have been stranded, and then passed by multiple, speeding, in service, buses while trying to get home after the Metro Rail system shut down.

Blogs DO have an impact on politicians and public policy makers. In point of fact: you are becoming "bored" and yet here you are commenting on this persons blog.

That interaction is what drives public discourse and it used be limited solely to broadcasted, centralized, media outlets.

This blog is SPOT ON so far.
dear transit advocate it is not easly for metro to hire drivers for one thing most people can not pass the driving test. Also the buses are dirty because people are dirty. You might see that driver leave someone at a stop sometimes the person who is getting pasted up could a dangerous person that is running from the police who could have hijacked the bus.

just food for thought
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