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Friday, June 16, 2006


Metro's nobles.

Excuse the ranting tone of this blog, but it is a reflection of valid woes, not just for me, but for thousands. I do still, occasionally drive, but many do not but rely on MTA entirely for mobility.
Be sure that this isn't about individuals within Metro. Metro as a public transportation entity has many noble, regular, non-arrogant people working within it. It is indeed about MTA (or, Metro) itself, and consequently then some of its people, although I've got no names (as of yet), and the purpose isn't as much to name names as it is to point out a systemic ill within Los Angeles' public transportation system.
Just wanted to make that clear.

Rather than just ranting in a blog, why haven't you gotten involved in organizations such as Southern California Transit Advocate, which works within the system to improve it?

Words on a screen are just words.
The purpose of a blog is entirely different from what you're pointing out. But who knows: a blog is a start.

MTA is also not the purpose of this blogger's life. For example, only in L.A. one worse problem is the homelessness. I might say that the lack of affordable housing is a rival issue to MTA woes. And crime is another issue that sort of overshaddows the immoralities of the MTA.
It's just that it was due time for MTA to be punched at for its lousy performance during freaking decades. Decades. What does it take to at least ensure that the most basic things function properly when you've got decades to fix them, such as making sure the employees do their job?

Also, bus riders rarely get defended. After a while you get tired of watching grown men and women being treated like underlings and cattle. It's ridiculous.
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