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Monday, June 19, 2006


Metro Ad Campaign Part 2.

It should've been noted in the last post, that in particular what makes MTA's self-ad campaign a provocation is that it so obviously doesn't reflect the reality of MTA's services or buses (save for subway). It so very much isn't about neat and clean buses, nor are they even safe as suggested in some of these ads. People frequently rub shoulders on the bus, it's so smack full of people that it's like a wonder how they're all even onboard. The buses are often packed beyond limit.
That's not safe, but detrimental to safety.
Actually, the reality with MTA is so poor that launching a self-promoting ad campaign that states the opposite must be either meant as a middle-finger to the passengers, or is simply another sign of how incredibly out of touch the MTA board and leadership must be with reality. Can be hard to fathom, I believe the mayor sits on much common sense, but other rulers may not be the same.
But of course by and large these people never ride the bus themselves. All they do is proclaiming how great the buses are, sure, like they even knew what the heck they're talking about, and then make ads about their beliefs. Great, no wonder the service sucks.

I guess you didn't realize that service changes and improvements are handled by the local sector governance councils, not by the Mayor and the MTA board.

Do some research!
Well, it's whoever heads the MTA.
No, it isn't. You don't understand.

Go do some more research.
If the MTA provides a service, and a "local governing board" for the MTA doesn't handle service well, then the MTA is at fault for providing a deficient service.

"Research", in this case, only if you want to go quibble with a group of sad losers in a dysfunctional system.

By what measure should the public determine whether or not the MTA leadership deserve their high pay and respectable title?
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