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Monday, June 12, 2006


A few details on what it can be like.

So if L.A public transportation is so poor, let's go into some details about it.
  • Commonly excessively long times before buses arrive.
  • Commonly excessively filthy seats.
  • Commonly excessively neglectful, arrogant bus drivers.
  • Commonly excessively missing basic services.
  • Commonly excessively overcrowded buses.
For example. In NYC the subway trains are excessively packed with people during rush hours. But not combined with their buses also being excessively over-crowded and/or combined with excessively poor service in general. NYC's subway runs on time, and with frequency, to the extent that all people can rely on it, not just the overwhelmingly poor with no other choices of transportation. One would think that an efficient public transportation system ought to be a high-priority in L.A considering the traffic problem. Apparently the priority of L.A's public transportation leadership has been to launch an advertising campaign, which ironically targets a largely frustrated ridership who would much more like to see essential services being upgraded or lived up to like would be expected from an industrialized nation's second city. More on this (Metro ad campaigns) later on.

Over-crowding, filth, long wait times, for instance, could have mitigating effects on ridership if they were isolated problems. But in L.A's p.t system, all these problems abound. The defects run from top to bottom, but not just that, they also continue for years upon years, often causing serious issues of distrust among riders, particularily after a while. Frustrations from these problems consequently spread and affects others parts of the city, particularly when the problems are being repeated. Moreover the neglect of basic services, as well as arrogance, do not discriminate. I've seen old ladies being dodged by bus drivers even though the buses in question had plenty of empty seats avialable. That can either be 1) arrogance, 1) incompetence, & which is worse of these is hard to say.

This is an outrageous issue. Everyone is affected by the neglect by Metro. It's like a Baghdad bus service in the sense of chaos, disorganization, illogic, poor service, and neglect. The question is how it can go that bad here.

Soap the effing fan belts!

I live downtown and EASILY the largest amount of NOISE is from squeeling MTA fan belts. Cripes!
Yeah, the buses are also loud as hell. I'm confident that many elderly have lost their hearing by standing next to a bus.
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