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Monday, June 12, 2006


Enough is enough

Years of arrogance, neglect, even downright provocation is what the hell to expect from a developed nation's second big city's public transportation service? It's simply too much to swallow for anyone who uses MTA (AKA "Metro", or whatever priority vanity may have over names, and between naming and service itself) regularly, or depend upon it.
The big question is simply what the hell is going on? Why is L.A public transportation so bad that it by and large doesn't not, just "not even", but far from, measure up to the standards of the city it's based in, and meant to serve? Why is it so dirty, nonchalant, arrogant, inefficient, that despite whatever improvements it's gone through over the past decade, it still sucks?
Well, blogging about it is one way to voice the frustrations that question creates, as well as the frustrations over a service that people use to get to and from jobs, necessary appointments, leisure activities and everything in between. It's too much to expect acceptance of arrogance and neglect in such an area (in a rich city and nation), and MTA you bastard are going to get what you deserve. Granted there's an accumulation of bitter customers over the years, and we are STILL NOT IN BAGHDAD, THIS IS L.A!
Are you incompetent are what? Because the arrogance that runs through your meant to be services or the lack thereof, as well as the "psychos" you hire to drive the vehicles, is beyond an acceptable level of indecency. Or are you just plain lazy? Incompetent, or both or all three; whichever it is, frustrations abound and they need an outlet, and so happens that if you argue them out to an MTA (or "Metro") bus driver (because the driver happened to be rude or arrogant) it means you're in luck as it means you're actually inside of the bus, not still waiting for it. That's why writing about it is a good choice.
Waiting? Sometimes people wait, young and old, men and women, for maybe 30-40 minutes, or more, but then, when the bus finally arrives, it doesn't stop by, either because the bus was so filled with riders that the driver responsibly decided that it was unsafe to let anyone else on, or just that the driver was simply a jackass who didn't do his or her job by simply ignoring the job- duty of a bus-driver to pick up the bus riders (duh!). Either way that happens way too often, like it's almost a 50/50 thing. It's gotten to a point were people feel fortunate to just get on the damn bus.

Better change that name from "Metro" to "Waitro" or something like "L.A bus-disservice", (no pun intended).

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